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I was recently priviledged to discover and experience Mr. Gip's Juke Joint, just outside Birmingham, Alabama, 
during a week of corporate training. At every music club I visited on the week leading up to my night @ Gip's I 
heard the same LAME lament..."We've heard of it, but don't dare go THERE", which just whetted my appetite even more, 
as well as my disappointment of the "BLESSED" locals! Mr. Henry Gipson, pictured below with a new devotee, recently 
celebrated his 86th birthday (and apparently has every year since!?) @ his own personal slice of history and a 
national treasure, known to only those in the know. "Gip's Place" Juke Joint, a constant work in progress, has been 
in operation on the same site behind Mr. Gipson's home since 1952. I hope you will someday get to have this wonderful, 
and for many, once in a lifetime experience! In attendance on this particular evening were Mr. Gip and his son Keith 
(an excellent cook!), Big Daddy-O from New Orleans,Sweet Lenny from Birmingham, The Daniel Turner Duet with Molly 
Garrigan, also from Birmingham, & Willie King *(who has sadly passed since then) and Friends, with Bo Shatz on 
Bass and Jock Webb on harp. My Apologies to any and all I have neglected to mention, perhaps someone will help me 
correct my oversights! 
A special thanks goes out to Hank......a veteran attendee and my tour guide for the evening.

This Page Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Willie King, An Honest to God Blues Man &
"Redwood" Mc'C....."12 to 8" Was Pure Magic!! I Will Return!!

Message to "THE MAN" @ City Hall: Live...from Gip's Place...STILL ALIVE & WELL!!

Now...I certainly don't want to over saturate this place, but conversely, to anyone who claims to love the 
blues, this should be your MECCA!! My three greatest moments in life were an impromptu trip to Oahu, The 
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise in the Caribbean & each & every visit to Mr. Gip's Place, the real deal 
Juke Joint in Bessemer, Alabama, just outside Birmingham! I honestly can't decide which was my favorite, 
but I did return to Gip's 2 more times! I say pay your dues & testify, or stay home & shut up! There's no 
time like the present, as while the legendary "Mr. Gip's" is immortal, Henry Gipson is not & he would love 
to meet you & welcome you into his house of blues!! I sure wish I could be there every Saturday night! While 
you're there, be sure to introduce yourself to Melissa as well, Gip's new "Gaurdian Angel"!
NO Black, NO White...Just Blues! NO SHIT!!

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