I am a cross platform computer literate professional with computer graphics, TV production & photography experience, as well as
	considerable land surveying, construction layout & field supervisory experience.
		As my Resume reflects, the majority of my past work history was primarily in the Construction Engineering & Land Surveying field,
	a trade which gave me the opportunity to develop strong logical, organizational, problem solving, time management, multi-tasking and
	mathematical skills. However, in college I majored in Broadcasting and in the past several years I have pursued other avenues, seeking
	out challenging and interesting new opportunities pertinent to my past education and artistic inclinations.  Subsequently, I have gained
	a great deal of practical experience through several diverse endeavors and internships and feel that I have developed a strong suite of
	marketable skills and technical competence, as well as an intense motivation to learn and a passion to excel.
		I am an experienced Party Chief, with over 20 years in the field, whose duties have included managing jobsites, supervising a crew,
	field computations, plan interpretation, note keeping, quantity takeoffs, light drafting and courthouse research. Subsequently, I have
	gained extensive experience & proficiency with a wide variety of equipment and job responsibilities.
		I have complete confidence in myself as an intelligent, articulate, detail oriented and creative individual and feel I would prove to
	be an invaluable asset in a variety of roles to any firm that would extend me an opportunity to learn and progress! I am eager to discuss
	any relevant position, as I feel that the more diverse and comprehensive my experience and education, the better my opportunities will be
	to attain my long-term career goals.


		Alan M. Shamblin
		E-Mail:  [email protected]
		Mail: POB 6856 Maryville, TN. 37802


		1975-1978 "AA" Broadcasting Technology-3.0 GPA
		Areas of study included:  audio, video & film production, lighting, 35mm photography & processing, graphic design
		Through persistence was first student to work in onsite production facility, now virtually student driven & nationally recognized.


		Utility Locator/Project Manager
		Promark Utility Locators/GPLS, Knoxville, TN.  2003-2007
		Sole on-site locator for KUB/TDOT I-40 Papermill/Westhills Interchange Project

		Construction Field Engineer/Land Surveyor/Survey Technician/Utility Locator
		various employers/various locales  1972-1975/1978-1994/2002-2007
		Managed job-sites, & projects valued to $100M , utilizing strong organizational, mathematical & logic skills
		Crew supervision, plan interpretation, computations, cost estimating, site layout, field measurements & excavation
		Projects ranging from bridges, hi-rise buildings & industrial plants to boundary, control & topographic land surveys

		Graphic Artist/Digital Image Specialist
		Internet Pictures Corp.  (iPIX), Oak Ridge, TN.  1998-2001
		Chose & scanned film, retouched & composited images in Photoshop v5-v7 for production of 360o photographs
		Developed tools & techniques which significantly increased image production speed & accuracy
		Provided mentoring to fellow employees who needed assistance mastering the production process

		Graphic Artist/Digital Imaging Technician
		Expert Imaging Inc., Knoxville, TN.  1996-1998
		Flatbed & film scanning, prepped, retouched & composited images in Photoshop v3-v5 for web, print & animation
		Assisted on studio & location shoots, bid research, CD recording, data backup, system maintenance (PC & MAC)
		Various duties using Premiere 4.2, Illustrator 7.0, Quark 3.3, SoundEdit 16, Debabelizer Pro, MS Word 6.0

		Camera Operator/Audio Technician/Technical Director
		VIA-TV, Knoxville, TN.  1994-1996
		Operated multiple cameras during live TV production, maintained set lights, managed activities on set for director
		Responsible for quality & timing precision of on-air audio, video tape recording & playback, on-air graphics
		Coordinated on-air switching of multiple audio & video sources, Developed organizational system for tape library

		Publisher/Editor/Layout/Graphics (part-time/non-profit)
		Knoxville Blues Society Newsletter, Knoxville, TN. 1996-1998 Continuing Support thru 2006
		Designed, produced & implemented page layout, supplied graphics & feature articles, concept to printed output
		Created, host & continue to maintain regularly updated web-site & develop marketing materials for non-profit org.

		Freelance Concert & Event Photographer (Published)
		"Ambient Life" Photography
		Concerts-Boxing-Ballooning-Candid Portraiture  1982-2007
		Manage my freelance photography business, scheduling shoots & acquiring credentials within a 200 mi. radius
		Maintain own personal web-site for purpose of selling photography & maintaining contact with potential users


	Underground Utility Locating		Sub-Site 950/Pipehorn/GIS
	Highway & Bridge Construction		HP-41CV/48GX w/Survey & Data Collection Software
	Hi-Rise Construction			WILD  T-1,T-2,T-16, Theodolites
	Site Staking & Layout			LEITZ SET-3 Total Station
	Excavation/Grading/Utilities		TOPCON GTS-302 Total Station
	Boundary/Control/Monumentation		TOPCON GTS-3B Total Station
	Topo (Structural & Contour)		TOPCON ET-1 w/FC-1 Data Collector
	Quantity Takeoffs/Cost Estimating	PENTAX SC-5 Field Computer


	Promark Utility Locators/GPLS-Knoxville, TN. (Utility Locator : 2003-2007)
	KUB/TDOT I-40 Papermill/Westhills Interchange Project

	City of Knoxville-Eng. Dept.-Knoxville, TN. (Engineering Tech. I: 2001-2002)
	Roads & Drainage, Parks, Water & Sewer

	Beers Construction-Maryville, TN. (Lead Field Engineer: 1993-1994)
	Blount Memorial Hospital Addition & Renovation

	Sam Franklin & Son: Excavating Contractors-Maryville, TN. (Lead Field Engineer: 1992-1993)
	Estimator, Survey Technician & Construction Layout

	East TN. Land Surveys/Hunt & Assoc./Core Group-Maryville, TN. (Party Chief: 1991-1992)
	Freelance Construction Surveys, Boundaries, Topo, Perc-Tests (part-time)

	Little River Surveys-Townsend, TN. (Party Chief: 1991-1992)
	"Laurel Valley" Development & Mountain Surveys (part-time)

	On Line Engineering & Surveying-Atlanta, GA. (Party Chief/Survey Technician: 1990-1991)
	"Sugar Hill" Golf Course & General Surveys (part-time)

	C.G.C./Sharondale Const.-Atlanta, GA. (Field Engineer: 1989-1991)
	"Paces West 200" Hi-Rise Construction

	Patterson  Engineering-Atlanta, GA. (Party Chief: 1988-1989)
	"Rivers Edge" Golf Course & Various "Calibre" Apt. Sites

	Planners & Engineers-Atlanta, GA. (Party Chief: 1986-1988)
	"Portman" Properties Surveys & Various "Post" Apt. Sites 

	Moseman Construction-Atlanta, GA. (Field Engineer: 1984-1986)
	I-85/285 South-Highway & Bridge Construction

	Geogram Corp.-Houston, TX. (Jr. P/C: 1981-1984)
	Harris County-Sewer Trunkline Tunnel

	Harris County: Eng. Dept.-Houston, TX. (Engineering Aide II: 1980-1981)
	Roads & Drainage, Parks, Water & Sewer

	Trinity Construction-Houston, TX. (Party Chief: 1978-1980)
	Interstate 45 Widening- Highway & Bridge Construction

	Capalletti Bros. Contractors-Miami, FL. (Rod-Inst./Man/Jr. P/C: 1972-1975)
	"Florida Turnpike"-Highway & Bridge Construction

E-Mail:[email protected]