I am a cross platform computer literate professional with computer graphics, TV production & photography experience, as well as
	considerable land surveying, construction layout & field supervisory experience.
		As my Resume reflects, the majority of my past work history was primarily in the Construction Engineering & Land Surveying field,
	a trade which gave me the opportunity to develop strong logical, organizational, problem solving, time management, multi-tasking and
	mathematical skills. However, in college I majored in Broadcasting and in the past several years I have sought out several challenging
	and interesting new opportunities pertinent to my past education, recent experience and long term goals, with the hopes of building my
	career in an environment more conducive to my artistic inclinations and abilities. Sadly these were mostly start-up operations, which
	eventually succumbed to the economy. Despite this, I have subsequently gained a great deal of practical experience through these diverse
	endeavors and internships and feel that I have developed a strong suite of marketable skills and technical competence, as well as an
	intense motivation to learn and a passion to excel.
		I have excellent Photoshop skills (Ver's. 2-7: no CS, but a quick study), average Illustrator skills & basic AutoCad 2002 skills,
	as well as being comfortable in both the Window's & Macintosh environments. Additionally, I am an accomplished photographer, possessing
	and experienced with using 35mm SLR's, Digital SLR's, point & shoot digital cameras, and film & flatbed scanners.
		I have complete confidence in myself as an intelligent, articulate, detail oriented and creative individual and feel I would prove to
	be an invaluable asset in a variety of roles to any firm that would extend me an opportunity to learn and progress! I am eager to discuss
	any relevant position, as I feel that the more diverse and comprehensive my experience and education, the better my opportunities will be
	to attain my long-term career goals.


		Alan M. Shamblin
		E-Mail:  [email protected]
		Mail: POB 6856 Maryville, TN. 37802


		1975-1978 "AA" Broadcasting Technology-3.0 GPA
		Areas of study included:  audio, video & film production, lighting, 35mm photography & processing, graphic design
		CompuMaster Seminars: Mastering Adobe Photoshop, Certificate 1999
		12 years expertise Photoshop, cross platform abilities (Mac Sys. 6 thru 9/Win OS 95 thru XP)


		Graphic Artist/Digital Image Specialist
		Internet Pictures Corp. (iPIX)  Oak Ridge, TN.  1998-2001
		Chose & scanned film, retouched & composited images in Photoshop 5 for production of 360o interactive photographs
		Developed tools & techniques which significantly increased image production speed & accuracy
		Provided mentoring to fellow employees who needed assistance mastering the production process

		Graphic Artist/Digital Imaging Technician
		Expert Imaging Inc., Knoxville, TN.  1996-1998
		Flatbed & film scanning, prepped, retouched & composited images in Photoshop for web, print & animation
		Assisted on studio & location shoots, bid research, CD recording, data backup, system maintenance (PC & MAC)
		Various duties using Premiere 4.2, Illustrator 7.0, Quark 3.3, SoundEdit 16, Debabelizer Pro, MS Word/Office

		Lead Camera Operator/Audio Technician/Technical Director
		VIA-TV, Knoxville, TN.  1994-1996
		Operated multiple cameras during live TV production, maintained set lights, managed activities on set for director
		Responsible for quality & timing precision of on-air audio, video tape recording & playback, on-air graphics
		Coordinated on-air switching of multiple cameras, audio & video sources, Developed organizational system for tape library

		Construction Field Engineer/Land Surveyor/Survey Technician/Utility Locator
		Various Employers/Various Locales (summary on request) 1972-1975/1978-1993/2007
		Managed job-sites, & projects valued to $100M , utilizing strong organizational, mathematical & logic skills
		Crew supervision, plan interpretation, computations, cost estimating, site layout, field measurements & excavation
		Projects ranging from bridges, hi-rise buildings & industrial plants to boundary, control & topographic land surveys


		Freelance Concert & Event Photographer (Published)
		"Ambient Life" Photography  1982-2007
		Managed my own freelance photography business, scheduling shoots & acquiring credentials within a 200 mi. radius
		Maintain own personal web-site for purpose of selling photography & maintaining contact with potential users

		Knoxville Blues Society Newsletter, Knoxville, TN.  1996-2005
		Designed, produced & implemented page layout, supplied graphics & feature articles, from concept to printed output
		Created, host & continue to maintain regularly updated web-site & develop marketing materials for non-profit org.

		Independent Cameraman/Producer
		St. John's Community Access Video/Ch. 20
		Knoxville, TN.  1982-1983
		Developing, taping and editing independent non-profit productions & assisting with various projects in the studio

		Audio-Visual Technician/Studio Production Assistant
		Miami-Dade Community College  1975-1978 (Full-Time Internship)
		Thru persistence was first student to work in onsite production facility, now virtually student driven & nationally recognized

E-Mail:[email protected]